William T. Gholson on Buying Your First Boat

William T. Gholson loves boats. His one and true love is the automobile industry, but thanks to his expertise in engine technologies, he is often invited to boat exhibitions where he sells vessels. During these boat shows, he meets all kinds of people from all walks of life, and this allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the process. When someone wants to buy a boat, it’s best if they start at the beginning.

What Would the Boat Be Used For

There are three main categories: cruising, fishing, and water sports. Each category has at least six or seven types of boats, including bowrider, bass boat, personal watercraft, pontoon boat, center console, open express, motor yacht, and jet boat. Each of the subtypes has different characteristics, so selecting the right one is not always easy. In any case, the process should always start with a basic decision – will you use the boat for cruising, fishing, water sports, or a combination of these?

Size It Up

When it comes to boats, size definitely matters. The bigger a boat is, the more advanced it will be. Bigger size, more features. If you want to buy a cruising boat, it should be big enough to accommodate at least one cabin, and possibly a kitchen area as well.

Used or New

The “new vs. used” dilemma really comes down to whether you can find good opportunities on the market. There are great used boats out there waiting to be picked up, but caution is always recommended.

William T. Gholson is a boat expert who owns a smaller vessel of his own, using it frequently during the summer months.