William T. Gholson On Becoming a Mechanic

William T. Gholson is an expert mechanic from San Antonio, Texas. He grew up with a gearhead father who showed him the basics of the craft at a very early age, inspiring him to pick up the profession and learn it through experience. Once he already possessed the skills, he earned all the important qualifications and licenses that make the life of a mechanic easier. Today he works as a car parts salesperson, and only fixes cars during his free time.

Mechanic Career Basics

While it is possible to become a mechanic without an education, it is always recommended to earn your qualifications through traditional channels. Choose a school or course that teaches you the basics of the profession, and go from there. Car mechanics in general possess a deep knowledge of car parts and how they fit together. They are capable of identifying separate and systematic problems as well, and once they have identified the faulty part, they are capable of either fixing it or taking it out and replacing it with a working one. In addition to all that, a mechanic also has to possess the ability to explain the source of the problem in a way that the customer understands.

The Different Cars a Mechanic Works With

A mechanic will work with a wide variety of cars, including vehicles that civilians would use, but also public service vehicles, like buses, ambulances, fire trucks, or even large construction vehicles. While they have many options to choose from, most mechanics work in repair shops.


According to the 2015 statistics, the average mechanic in the U.S. earned around $38,000 (annual salary), and the top 10% were able take home significantly more: $63,000.

How to Become a Mechanic

If you want to go through the traditional channels – as you probably should -, it all starts with formal training. There are plenty of post-secondary programs available to choose from, and employers not only recognize their legitimacy, but they usually look for mechanics who finished such training. The shortest of the programs usually take half a year to complete, but some of them will take double that time, around 1 year.

The Actual Training Will Be Crucial

Formal education and the theoretic knowledge are important, but a mechanic really needs to put in the time to practice their skills. Diving into a reputable training program is really the best course of action you can take, as something like that will considerably increase your experience.

The Last Step Is Getting Certified

When your training is finished, go and get your certifications. The National Institute for Automotive Excellence is the highest standard for mechanics. Being certified by them can create many opportunities.

As an expert mechanic and car parts salesman, William T. Gholson supports those who pursue a career in the automotive industry.



William T. Gholson – Committed to his Successful Career

William T. Gholson is nothing short of an expert when it comes to the boating and automotive industries. He is a dedicated sales professional who understands his clientele to their fullest extent. He knows exactly what the people of his home town want out of all their automotive and boating experiences, and he knows how to sell it to them. He has the professional reputation for being hard working, dedicated, and reliable when it comes to the boating and automotive parts distribution industries. His reputation stands as the foundation on which he was able to build his own company in San Antonio, Texas. He has worked in both the automotive parts and boating industries for over a decade and understands how the business works. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in business from the prestigious institution known as the University of Texas at Austin, which only elevated his status in the industries. Not only does he have a wealth of experience working as a professional in both industries, but he also has invested a vast amount of personal time and interest into the industries as well. Ever since he was a child growing up in San Antonio, Texas, William Gholson remembers boating with his family and friends in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. He is dedicated to continuing that tradition with his own family and regularly makes trips to the Gulf of Mexico several times a year.

William T. Gholson understands that family comes first before his professional career. He credits his family with his vast amount of success as a salesman because all of his success is for their benefit. He never misses a chance to spend time with his wife and two children whether it be through boating, automobile racing or an interest of their own. He is always willing to spend time with them no matter what kind of work is on his plate at the time. William T. Gholson is only the success that he is today because his parents spent time with him and encouraged his interests. As a child, he loved to spend time on their family boat in the open ocean; an interest that would later be the foundation for his professional success. It was because of their support that he was able to be the successful salesman he is today, and he wants to give his family the same opportunities to grow.

William T. Gholson – The Boating and Automotive Parts Industries

William T. Gholson is a highly dedicated and deeply devoted salesman within the competitive industries of boating and automotive parts distribution. He consistently sets the standard when it comes to meeting top sales quotas in the field and ensuring strong client relationships with his company located in San Antonio, Texas. As a boy, he grew up in San Antonio, Texas where he first remembers developing a love for boating. His family regularly took boating trips to the Gulf of Mexico, his favorite ocean to boat in. He remembers the thrilling feeling of being out at sea and in the open ocean. He continues this tradition with his wife and two children as he remains strongly rooted in the professional boating industry.

William  T. Gholson is known for being a hard working, determined, and devoted professional who consistently satisfies his clients with the best services in the area. He owes his success to his loving family and the town of San Antonio, Texas where he has lived his entire life. His clients trust him with their boating and automotive needs, and he guarantees never to let them down. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in business from the prestigious institution known as the University of Texas at Austin. His degree, paired with his already vast knowledge of the boating industry, has elevated his career as a salesman in the industry, and he continues to achieve lasting success.

William T. Gholson is committed to his career as a salesman in the boating and automotive parts distribution industries. He has achieved a great deal of success through out his lengthy professional career and has no intention of retiring anytime in the near future. In addition to his love for boating and the open ocean, William T. Gholson is also a major professional automotive racing fan. He especially enjoys the Indianapolis 500 races and has attended several through out his life time. He is also a major fan of the NASCAR races and never misses an opportunity to see a race live. He thoroughly enjoys hearing the roar of the powerful engines as they race along the track, avoiding danger and achieving victory. Whenever he has the opportunity to see a race, he always takes his family or close friends so they may share in the excitement of the sport.