William T. Gholson – What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Car Engine

For someone like William T. Gholson who has been around cars all his life, he knows it is vital for car owners to regularly maintain their car engines. For many people, spending time maintaining their car’s engine might not be something they like doing or have the expertise to do. However, that does not mean you need to be in the dark regarding how to maintain your car engine. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining your car engine.

Oil Change

Changing the oil in your car engine is one of the most important things you need to do. The oil keeps the engine parts well lubricated and ensures that they don’t overheat while in operation. Failing to change your engine oil could result in serious permanent damage to the engine. When you should change your car’s engine oil depends on the specific car manufacturer’s recommendation. However, in general, an oil change every 5,000 miles is recommended for most cars. If you are not sure after how many miles you should change the oil, you might want to look at your car manufacturer’s website to check when it should be changed.

While changing the oil in your car’s engine, it is important that you also change the oil filter. Changing the oil and the oil filter go hand-in-hand, so make sure you change the oil filter as well. The purpose of the oil filter is to catch the debris and dirt floating around inside the car’s engine and stop it from circulating back into the engine. A new oil filter and an oil change will ensure your car engine stays well lubricated and not overheat while in operation.

Cooling System

Another important part of maintaining your car’s engine is ensuring that the cooling system is working properly. The cooling system includes the thermostat, radiator, water pump and coolant. To keep the engine from overheating, you will need to ensure that the proper amount of coolant is circulating in the engine. When the thermostat determines that the engine is hot, the water pump sends coolant from the radiator to the engine block and then back to the radiator to be cooled down. Make sure the coolant tank under the hood of your car has sufficient coolant in it. If your car has sufficient coolant, but the engine is still overheating, you will need to take the car to a qualified mechanic to check the cooling system.

Air Filter

Air is vital to your car’s engine. The engine needs to have a constant supply of uninterrupted, clean air for it to perform properly. The air filter in your car protects the engine from getting clogged with dirt, leaves, and bugs. If your air filter is dirty, it needs to be replaced; if not, you might be able to use it for a couple thousand miles and then have it changed.

William T. Gholson is an experienced boating and automobile parts distributor in San Antonio.

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